Timothy C. Blake, "Of Counsel"

Injury Lawyer Help - Tim C. Blake

With over 37 years of trial experience, Tim Blake skillfully uses psychodramatic techniques during his case presentations at trial. Also a proven appellate attorney, Tim also has handled his own appeals. He cares about his clients and has maintained close friendships with many people he has represented over the years.

Tim was selected to attend and graduated from the prestigious Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer College (TLC) in Dubois, Wyoming in 2002. The TLC has a network of graduates nationwide in which Tim actively participates. His personal relationship with excellent trial lawyers nationwide permit him to handle cases wherever his clients need him.

Tim is an activist who believes in giving back to his community. He has served in a leadership capacity as President or Chairman of over 25 civic organizations in South Florida. He served as President of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce and was awarded the Chamber's prestigious Robert B. Knight Coral Gables Outstanding Citizen Award for 1994.