Dog Bites

Injury Lawyer Help - Dog BitesThe law has made dog owners liable for injury or harm that their animal causes to people or other dogs. Eighteen states adhere to the "one-bite" rule which protects a dog owner from liability for the first bite injury to a person unless the owner knew the dog had history of biting, caused the bite negligently or intentional or failed to keep the dog on a leash in violation of the law. In the other thirty-two states, dog owners are usually held liable for any and all bites even if the dog has never bitten anyone before. In Georgia, there is mixed strict liability which quite often favors the dog owner and gives the dog owner a number of ways to avoid liability for a dog bite.

The most common exceptions to liability include the following:

Do not delay in hiring a lawyer who can help you or your loved ones cope and recover from a traumatic animal attack which often results in not only serious bodily injury and scaring, but also results in psychological harm that can last forever.

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