Child Sex Abuse And Molestation

Injury Lawyer Help - Child Sex Abuse And MolestationChild molestation has been an ever growing problem in the United States. Each year many thousands of children are sexually abused while left in the care of others. These sexual predators are persons who you as a parent would least expect including those well respected members of your community such as clergy, rabbis, daycare workers, counselors, healthcare workers, teachers and even family members. Quite often, sexual abuse and molestation occurs because a child care worker employed by daycare centers fail to supervise other (often older) children who have histories of child abuse and who themselves have become child molesters and abusers. Even more often, the school or daycare facility hires an employee who has a criminal history or other history of abusing and molesting children but the proper background check and employment history verification was not done. Had the appropriate background check been done, the employee (abuser) would not have been hired.

While no sum of money can ever compensate or make whole a child victim of sexual abuse, the abusers and/or those who hired and employed them need to be brought to justice not only to protect other children, but also to compensate your child or the child of a loved one for sexual abuse done to them. In one instance, one of our attorneys handled a molestation case against one unscrupulous child psychiatric facility which because of its recklessness, allowed multiple mental health care counselors to sexually abuse the same child. Because of the efforts of our attorneys, two mental health technicians were arrested and prosecuted. Through litigation, it was later discovered through our investigative efforts that one of the offending employees had previously engaged in highly questionable sexual misconduct while employed for the same company but was never fired or reported to the authorities. In fact, the personnel file of this employee had critical disciplinary records removed from his personnel file so as to help the psychiatric facility cover up its misconduct. To say the least, both the company and its employees were held accountable for their actions. In fact, in cases such as the one described above, courts often allow, as it did in the above case, for the recovery of punitive damages (i.e. damages awarded to punish and deter these facilities from engaging in future misconduct).

If your child has been molested, our attorneys are here to help you and your family cope with this tragic event. Our firm can also refer you and your child to qualified mental health professionals who are experienced in both identifying and counseling child sex abuse victims. Our law firm handles sex abuse cases nationwide and/or if necessary, engages our national network of personal injury attorneys who are experienced in handling child molestation and sexual abuse cases.

If you suspect that your child is a victim of sex abuse or molestation, please contact us for a free consultation.

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