Automobile Accident

Every year countless number of individuals are seriously injured in motor vehicle and/or pedestrian accidents. In fact, according to government studies, a car accident occurs virtually every 9 seconds. In 2008, it is estimated that there were reported at least 6 million traffic crashes which resulted in about 40,000 deaths and almost 3 million injuries. Most of the vehicle related deaths occurred to persons under 30 years of age with over 9000 children under ages being killed in these accidents. One-third of all the fatalities were alcohol related.

Injury Lawyer Help - Automobile AccidentAt Loren Law Group, our attorneys have handled thousands of accidents cases, investigated virtually every possible scenario which caused the accident and have successfully obtained compensation for many thousands of victims of car accidents. The proper representation of the car accident victim requires extensive skill and experience including knowledge of both state and federal laws. Our office will help relieve your stress by thoroughly investigating your case and permitting you to focus on regaining your health and healing from your injuries. We often assist you in finding the finest medical professionals to treat you, we enter into agreements with your medical care providers as well as other creditors to wait for payment until your case is resolved through settlement or trial.

Automobile accidents are generally evaluated according to the principles of contributory fault/negligence. A modified form of comparative negligence is prescribed by statute. A plaintiff cannot recover if he is 50 percent or more responsible for the injury claimed. If he is less than 50 percent responsible, his damages are reduced by his percentage of fault. Ga. Code Ann. ยง 51-12-33(a) and (g).

Courts consider various factors in determining the percentage of fault to be imputed to the at fault driver. Some of these factors include but are not limited to the following:

In certain circumstances, a driver may also be punished for his/her actions for intentional or reckless conduct. A driver who is reckless is one who drives unsafely, with willful and wanton disregard for the likelihood of injury and/or safety of others. For instance, drunk drivers and/or persons drag racing on public streets have been held liable for not only the compensatory damages (medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, etc..), but also have been held liable for punitive damages (i.e. damages awarded separately of compensatory damages aimed at punishing the wrongdoer for their misconduct).

In certain cases, automobile accidents are caused by conduct unrelated to the actions of a driver. For instance, a vehicle may have been defectively designed by an automobile manufacturer or supplier resulting in an injury and/or death of the vehicle's occupants. An example is the various defective tire product liability lawsuits brought against various tire companies. If a manufacturer of a product creates a defective product in its design or improperly labels the product and/or fails to affix the proper warning stickers, the manufacturer may be held liable for any injuries irrespective of whether or not the manufacturer was negligent.

Other examples of liability for automobile accidents include a mechanics failure to properly repair a motor vehicle which ultimately resulted in an accident (i.e. failure to repair brakes, failure to tighten bolts on wheels, etc....). Additionally, governmental agencies and contractors installing roads, signs and traffic signals have been held liable for injuries sustained by unsuspecting drivers who were injured while driving on poorly maintained roads and/or driving through malfunctioning traffic control devices/signals. Automobile accident liability has been assessed against bars or social hosts who served an obviously intoxicated guest kn owing that the guest had a history of being a drunk/alcoholic.

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